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  • Holt Tomberlin

    6 16.67%
  • Holt Butler

    5 13.89%
  • Kurt Tomberlin

    21 58.33%
  • Tomberlin Kurt, nn Tom

    4 11.11%
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Thread: Please Vote

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    Please Vote

    Hello. Please vote for your favorite boy's name. All of the following names, except for 'Kurt' come from last names or maiden names of our combined family trees. Thanks for your opinions!
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    I like Kurt Tomberlin. Kurt is such a strong name and underused. Tomberlin is very interesting and a good mn.

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    Thanks Bonnielyn. I really like it to. I worry that Kurt sounds like it should be short for something else, but it isn' least not in our family. (I'm not a huge fan of Kurtis.)

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    I didn't vote, as I really can't choose one. Kurt Tomberlin will slur to become Kurtomberlin. Holt Tomberlin will become Holtomberlin. I'm not keen on Tomberlin as a fn, as it just seems like a bit much. Holt Butler is ok, but doesn't flow that well... So, I'd recommend switching it up. However, these names are meaningful to you... so... I don't know. Go with your heart?
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    What about Tomberlin Holt? That would definitely be my vote
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