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    Don't think either shines a light on rose or grace. I think the first two round them off so well, and something about Madilyn Grace is almost melodic. :] Sorry to seem harsh with my honesty but it is just my opinion I think the 3 and 2 syllables seem to much and the one seem to round it off nicer .
    I have also been on the awful route of name deciding this week and it is so tough her cos names i love are SOOOOO popular here in the uk. Such as Maddeline, lily, ava omg just so many are in trend right now it was so hard to find a name we both liked and that was not out there or too popular. I only have 8 weeks left!!! lol . I think on the table for us at the moment is Hailie. We have been thinking of middle names all day and i liked Rose he didn't , so now we are both liking Hailie Rayne (Taylor surname.) It has been a nightmare so i fully understand. I am saying it out loud alot and calling her and rolling it round to see if i like it Maybe you should do the same hehe . Good luck anyways x

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    I'd reverse it to Samantha Madelyn. I don't really like Madelyn though.

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    Madelyn Grace is my choice.
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    We went with Madilyn Avery. We loved Madilyn from the start and chose the spelling because we wanted to make sure people could A)spell it and B)pronounced it correctly. I picked her up from daycare once and a new teacher kept calling her "Mad-a-line" and I had to correct her. Like how could she have pronounced "Madi-lyn" incorrectly. We went for the simpler option which I guess for some people isn't simple enough. Avery seemed to roll off the tongue nicely and looking at her now giving her a name like "Grace" wouldn't have fit her personality. She is a rambunctious, fun-loving little ball of sweet energy and as for "Grace", she has none. She's clumsy like her mama! I have a friend who named her daughter "Gracee" and man, that little girl is as dainty and frail as they come. So I guess I am un-partial to the name Grace because I'd much rather have my little spit-fire lady.

    Good luck in the name search! We are on to our third child and our name hunt has begun all over again. AH!

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