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Thread: Middle Names?

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    Middle Names?

    Alright ladies, I'm drawing blanks over here. I need some middle name ideas but have some very odd requirements.
    1. Cool level: Epic. OH will not budge on the need for epicness. Gawain, Torbjørn and Bjørn all fit the epic bill for boys. For girls I've gotten Hacinthia.
    2. I love German names, despite OH's insistence that German names are harsh I find them gorgeous. I will win out. Lol.
    3. If not German than possibly of Irish/Italian origin since that's OH's heritage.

    Fire away! Siblings would be Blaire Hacinthia, Isaac Gawain and James Torbjørn if that helps at all. Thanks ahead of time!

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    Albinia - An Etruscan Goddess of the dawn. She's also sometimes described as a fairy who help people who's love is unreciprocated.
    Alcina - An enchantress in Orlando Furioso, and Italian epic poem about the Charlemagne legends. She's the sister of Morgana le Fay.
    Alvhilde - A beautiful maiden in Norse mythology who disguised herself as a warrior to avoid being married to the king.
    Angelica - Orlando's beloved in the epic poem Orlando Innamorato. Means "belonging to the angels".
    Arcadia - Region in Greece, regarded as a Utopia in ancient times.
    Argante - The elven Queen of Avalon, probably the same as Morgana Le Fay.
    Bradamante - Kick ass female warrior in Orlando Innamotaro and Orlando Furioso. Saves her sweetheart Ruggiero from the sorceress.
    Bridget/Brigid - The Irish Goddess. She's associated with poetry, and is most likely a Triple Goddess (like the Graces, the Morai etc).
    Camilla - Warrior Queen killed in battle by Aeneas army. She was probably a Goddess, at least supernatural, as she could run so fast her feet didn't bend the grass, and cross waters without wetting her feet.
    Cyrene - Greek nymph/huntress.
    Daronwy - Companion of King Arthur, a sword maiden.
    Dido - Queen of Carthage, who killed herself when Aeneas when he abandoned her.
    Eir/Eira - The Norse Goddess of healing. Sometimes said to be a valkyrie.
    Embla - The first woman in Norse mythology.
    Epona - A Gaulish Goddess of horses. Identified with Rhiannon.
    Eseld/Isolde/Yseult - The Irish beauty of the Arthurian romance Tristan & Isolde.
    Etheldred - means "noble strength", used in medieval times.
    Florimell - A character in The Faerie Queene. She sets out to rescue her beloved Marinell, faces a lot of dangers, and is eventually captured. Cool lady.
    Frederuna/Frederonne - A medieval French Queen.
    Frejya - Norse fertility Goddess.
    Godiva - If you dare... Definitely epic and cool.
    Griselda - A story by Giovanni Boccaccio. It's quite annoying, but she's a very patient woman, but that might be because she's bloodless and an idiot. Lovely name though.
    Gwenllian - Welsh princess who led an army in battle.
    Hedda/Hedwig - means "battle" + "war". Hedda is a rather astonishing woman in Henrik Ibsen's play Hedda Gabler.
    Heloise - Student, lover, wife of philosopher Pierre Abelard. She was a philosopher as well.
    Hilja - means "silence" in Finnish. I just think it's beautiful.
    Hypatia - the neo-platonic Greek philosopher.
    Idunn/Idhunna/Idony/Idonea - Norse Goddess of spring.
    Inanna - Sumerian Goddess of fertility, love and war.
    Letizia - Roman Goddess of happiness.
    Juventas - Roman Goddess of youth.
    Leucasia - An Italian mermaid.
    Luned - Handmaiden of The Lady of the Fountain.
    Lyonesse - Beautiful lady in Arthurian Romance. It's a whole long story that ends up with Gareth (Gawain's brother!) rescuing her and marrying her.
    Marfisa - Ruggiero's siter and Queen of India in Orlando Innamotaro and Orlando Furioso.
    Matilda/Matidia/Mafalda - "might"/"strength" + "battle". Regal name.
    Marian/Marion - As in Maid Marian.
    Niniane/Niume/Viviana/Vivienne - The Lady of the Lake.
    Nyx - The Greek Goddess of the night.
    Olwen - A maid so fair and gentle white flowers grew in her footprints.
    Ostara/Eostre - Spring Goddess.
    Pulzella - Fairy, lover of Gawain, and led quite a rescue mission for him.
    Proserpina - Roman version of Persephone.
    Ragnell - Beautiful maiden cursed to look like an old ugly hag.
    Roxana - Wife of Alexander the Great.
    Selja - Island where Saint Sunniva came to when she fled Ireland.
    Sunna - Goddess of the sun.
    Sunniva - Irish princess who became a saint.
    Tamar - River in England, and a Goddess.
    Tarian - A tactician and protector of knights in Arthurian Romance.
    Tullia - Roman cognomen.
    Venatrix - Means "huntress".
    Vindemiatrix - A star in Virgo, means "grape gatherer".
    Xenia - Epithet of Athene.
    Zenobia - Queen of Palmyra, led her armies in many battles before she was defeated. She was led to Rome in gold chains.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Thanks peachpie! I like Roisin, Violetta, Arnelle, Emmeline, and Katja.
    Thanks Ottilie! That is a huge list. I love Arcadia, Camilla, Eir (too close to Erin?), Godiva (although I'll never be brave enough to use it), Olwen, Selja, Tarian and Xenia.
    How do you pronounce Hilja? It seems as though it would be Hill-ya but I don't want to be saying it wrong. I wish Martin would use Hedda. I love it. Although I might love Olwen more.

    Thanks to both of you lovely ladies. More suggestions are always appreciated/ welcomed.

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    It is indeed Hill-ya. I think it's so beautiful. As is Olwen, one of my favourite names. (And I wouldn't be brave enough to use Godiva either, but it's so gorgeous...)

    I know, the list's too long. I get caught up in things
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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