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    Please help!!! Need any input/ideas on middle name for my baby girl....

    Ok so the baby, due to be born in 3 months, is going to be named Madelyn. That's a done deal, lol....but the middle name choice is driving us crazy! Always back n forth, 1 syllable, or 2......or 3?!! The last name is kinda rare as its German, Reineman pronounced Rye-nuh-men...At first we thought one syllable for sure as it sounds strong, for example Madelyn Rose... But when I think more about it and say different names over n over it seems to flow better with more syllables when saying first middle and last name in same sentence. IE: Madelyn Samantha Reineman vs Madelyn Grace Reineman.....and thoughts would be MOST WELCOME......

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    The first thing I thought of was Madelyn Grace.

    I think a one syllable middle will be best for you.

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    if I go one syllable that's definitely at the top of my list

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    Madelyn Scarlett Reineman
    Madelyn Pearl Reineman
    Madelyn Isabel Reineman
    Madelyn Lily Reineman
    Madelyn Lucia Reineman
    Madelyn Violet Reineman

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