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Thread: It's twisted

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    Question It's twisted

    I'm desperately in need of a name. My latest novel attempt is a twist on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with government spies and secret police involved... but anyway, I don't want to bore you with the complex plot. I don't want the story to be entirely recognizable as Snow White, but I need to change the names. Can you think of names which have the same meaning as/translated into a different language/sound similar/have some connection with the actual names in the story? If it has some unusual connection, please tell me what! I would like new names for these characters:
    Snow White
    The seven dwarfs (as many as you can!)
    The evil queen
    Snow White's prince, who is evil.
    Thank you!
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    renrose Guest
    Snow White: Eira (ay-ra) White or Blanche Snow?

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    Snow White:
    Eira Weiss, Eira Biely
    Eirawen Feher, Eirawen Zuri
    Elurra Gwyn, Elurra Vit, Elurra Weiss
    Lumi Biely, Lumi Feher, Lumi Gwyn
    Neve Blanc, Neve Weiss, Neve Biely
    Nix Bianco

    The Seven Dwarfs (basing this on the characteristics given by Disney):
    Borvo (healing god)
    Chiron (greek mythology, centaur known for his healing skills)
    Galnis (gaulish god of healing)
    Lenus (gaulish god of healing)
    Paeon (physician of the gods)
    Vejovis (roman god of healing)

    Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
    Severus (Harry Potter, means austere)

    Bacchus (god of wine and intoxication)
    Belun (Slavic god, bringer of good luck)
    Dionysus (same as above)
    Hotei (Japanese god of happiness)

    Endymion (beautiful sleepy youth)
    Erebus (god of darkness)
    Hypnos (the god of sleep)
    Icelus (personification of dreaming)
    Morpheus (the god of dreams)

    Gareth (Arthurian romances)
    Paris (The Illiad)

    Ernest (Hemingway)
    Harry & Tyrone (Requiem for a Dream)
    Jim (The Basketball Diaries)
    Mark (Trainspotting)

    Falstaff (Henry IV)
    Feste (Twelfth Night)
    Grumio (The Taming of the Shrew)
    Koalemos (god of foolishness)
    Launce (The two gentlemen of Verona)
    Pompey (Measure for Mesure)

    The Evil Queen:
    Acrasia (The evil witch in The Faerie Queene, a seductress)
    Alcina (Enchantress in Orlando Furioso)
    Anaideia (personification of ruthlessness)
    Arachne (An arrogant weaver turned into a spider)
    Argante (Elven Queen of Avalon)
    Ate (The Faerie Queen, evil from Hell disguised as a beautiful woman)
    Bellona (Goddess of war)
    Cassiopeia (Vein woman in Greek mythology)
    Chimera (mythological monster)
    Circe (Sorceress)
    Circea (means "belonging to Circe" or "enchanted")
    Duessa (The Faerie Queene, a lady who represents falsehood)
    Enyo (Goddess of war)
    Eris (Goddess of strife)
    Florisdelfa (An enchantress who killed herself when she saw how beautiful Isolde was)
    Hippolyte (Amazon warrior Queen)
    Isabella (of Castile)
    Lynette (A not so nice woman in Arthurian romances)
    Penthesileia (Amazon warrior Queen)
    Stheno (one of the Gorgons, sister of Medusa)

    The Evil Prince:
    Angelo (Measure for Measure)
    Dorian (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
    Eryx (a King in Greek mythology)
    Humbert (Lolita)
    Ixion (an evil king in Greek mythology)
    Narcissus (Greek mythology)
    Paridell(The Faerie Queene, a false knight and seducer)
    Silver (Treasure Island)
    Trompart (The Faerie Queene, a cunning squire. His name means to deceive)
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    Snow White:

    Arianwen (Welsh, meaning white or fair)
    Finn (more of a guy's name, but becoming more unisex all the time...also means white, fair)
    Nevada (cool, very unusual name for a girl...means covered with snow)
    Nixie (german, means snowy)
    Gwyneira (means white snow)
    Eira (means snow)
    Karli (Turkish, means covered with snow)
    Wauna (means singing snow goose, and the only reason i put it on is because, really, that's just funny. I mean, seriously, a singing snow goose? What does that even mean?)
    Xue (Chinese, means snow, possibility for a last name)
    Yuki (Japanese and also Russian, means snow or happiness)

    7 dwarfs:

    Bashful: Coyan (means modest), Cade (means gentle), Gareth (means gentle)
    Doc: Galen (means healer: Doc to Doctor, Doctor to healer), Jace (healer) Raphael (healer)
    Sleepy: Nguyen (means sleep, can be shortened to Guy), Ako (means weary), Aram (quiet, calm),
    Sneezy: Pomare (little cough), Fraco (weak, sickly)
    Dopey: Same as for Sleepy
    Grumpy: Harvey (bitter), Mario (bitter), Marius (bitter),
    Happy: Asher (blessed, happy), Edmund/Ed (happy defender), Edwyn (happy friend), Felix (happy),

    The Evil Queen:

    Desdemona (of the devil)
    Liliha (can be altered to be more common: Lila, Lily, etc. Means angry disregard)
    Chandi (great goddess; angry)
    Adria, Adriana (the dark one)
    Darchelle (dark)
    Ebony (dark strength)
    Kali (dark goddess)
    Kerilyn (dark)
    Laela (dark; night)
    Camberly (ruler)
    Erica (powerful ruler)
    Kyra (ruler)
    Imperia (means imperial ruler, also a cool name for an evil queen!)

    (Evil) Prince:

    Set (Egyptian god of Chaos, can be changed to Seth to be more common)
    Amir (quite simply: prince)
    Archibald (bold prince)
    Vladimir (prince)

    *Cool story idea!!!*
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    I've got some names with great meanings. Help me choose, and opinions on the dwarfs?

    Snow White
    Neva= white snow
    Gwyneira= white snow

    Jace= healer
    Icelus=personification of dreaming
    Aram=quiet, calm
    Seth=god of chaos
    Edwyn=happy friend

    Bellona=goddess of war
    Eris=goddess of strife
    Desdemona=of the devil

    Evil Prince
    Eryx=king in Greek myth
    Ixion=evil king in Greek myth
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

    Caspian Bartholomew & Claire Gwendolen

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