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    Compiling middle name list for Otto

    I've been occupied looking for a new top boys name, and I rediscovered Otto. I had completely forgotten about Otto. I had dismissed it as a possibility for my first son because it had been my (long gone) cat's name, plus I was worried it was too weird. Well the new SSA statistics show that it is coming back in fashion and I have seen many positive reactions to it online. I really don't care that it was my cat's name, only my mom and brothers would know that and they'd get over it, he was a super cool cat anyway and it shows I have liked the name for a long time. DH loves Otto as well!

    So on to middle names. I have :
    Otto Patrick
    Otto Emrys
    Otto Elias
    Otto Emanuel
    Otto Johannes
    Otto Felix

    That's it. More suggestions? I kind of like names used in Sweden because Swedish names sound good with the combination being that the surname and first name would be. Even though they are advised against by "experts" I like 2-2-2 syllable patterns for boys names especially, but I would like as many suggestions as possible, this is just for fun for the time being. The surname sounds a bit like Norton. Thanks!
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