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  • Lochlan/Lachlan

    27 47.37%
  • Sullivan

    25 43.86%
  • Lincoln

    14 24.56%
  • Harrison

    19 33.33%
  • Gavin

    14 24.56%
  • Edison

    6 10.53%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Question Please help me narrow it down to the top 2!

    Please help us narrow it down to the top 2! One of these is actually our 'top' of the list right now but we want to be able to go in with two names in case the name doesn't seem to fit as well once he is born. Please pick up to two names. And, I'd love any feedback you have to the names. THANKS SO MUCH!


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    They're all handsome. I like Sullivan and Lincoln best. Lachlan is a distant 3rd.
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    Ok, this was a very difficult decision... I like Lachlan, but I can feel that it is going to become quite trendy soon... Sullivan is a great name, and so masculine. However, it doesn't conjure any great namesakes for me except the beautiful letter written by the Civil War soldier Sullivan Ballou. Gavin is ok, but not on par with your other choices... I'd put it down as a common/ safe option. Harrison is nice, but is losing its unique feeling.

    Edison- Not only do I love the namesake, but I love the nicknames you could get from this... Ed, Eddy, Ned, etc. It's also more of a unique choice. It maintains the classic, mature feeling, but also stands out from the crowd a bit more than Sullivan or Harrison.

    Lincoln- This is my #2, as there is a great namesake and a wonderful nn (Linc). However, I don't really get the same wow factor from this one that I get from Edison...
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    I voted for Edison and Lachlan. I agree that Loch/Lachlan is due to become pretty popular soon, but it is such a lovely name. I agree, though, that Edison is just as wonderful and has loads of great nicknames!
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    I voted for Sullivan and Edison, both of which I think are nice strong names. The nicknames Sully and Ned are appealing as well.

    The others:
    Gavin - would be my third choice. I just like it!
    Lincoln - might be the next trending name, Linc is a cute nn
    Harrison - Love this but it seems a little passé these days
    Lochlan/Lachlan - not my style, I guess

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