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    Graham needs a middle name.

    I think we have just about decided that Graham is the name that we want for our second son. It sounds good with our first son's name (Owen Charles) and I think it is unique enough without being weird or hard to spell/say. I am having trouble coming up with a middle name though. Our last name is Rumely (pron. Rum-lee). Any suggestions?
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    something simple & short like James would sound good.
    I just picked Graham for my boys middle name, good choice!

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    I'd go for a longer mn. Graham is 1 syllable, and it seems your surname is 2 syllables... so 2 syllables could work, but a 3 syllable mn would flow wonderfully.

    Graham Benjamin Rumely
    Graham Nathaniel Rumely
    Graham Everett Rumely
    Graham Elliott Rumely
    Graham Sullivan Rumely
    Graham Julian Rumely
    Graham Anderson Rumely
    Graham Harrison Rumely
    Graham Simeon Rumely
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I like a longer middle name with it too. Does Graham sound okay with our last name? I'm having second thoughts. Are the "Graham" and "Rum" sounds too similiar? Coming up with a second boy name is proving so difficult for us.

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