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Thread: Anavieve?

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    When I first saw Anavieve I thought it was more like Ah-na but then when I saw her mother was named Anna, I thought maybe it was meant to be prn as Anna.

    The Anavieve in my family was born in 1914. Like another poster mentioned, that seems to be about the only time frame that this name shows up anywhere. I found another website where a woman used Annevieve (from someone in her family from early 1900's) to get the family connection and used the nn Ava. I think its a bit of a stretch to get Ava from Annevieve/Anavieve but to each his own.

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    It's very pretty, and it had my two favourite nns (Annie and Viv) as clear possibilities. The lack of history would worry me a little, but as it is a family name for you then that's less of a concern. I think I like the Annevieve spelling best.

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    Lovely. Nn Ava, Annie, Viv...
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I have mixed feelings. I like the spelling Annevieve better than Anavieve. I guess where I get caught up is the lack of information on the name itself makes me think of mashed up Anna and Genevieve.
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    Wow...what a perfectly beautiful name! I am adding it to my list. I like the way Annevieve looks, but I think that would necessitate using the Anna-vieve pronunciation instead of the much more beautiful (imho) Ahna-vieve. Either way though, a very nice name that uses familiar sounds to reach a rare name!
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