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Thread: Anavieve?

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    I found this name in my family tree about 5ish years ago when we were trying to decide what to name our son.

    She would have been my great great grandmother and her name was Anavieve Charlotte. I am assuming its pronounced like Genevieve but starts with Ana. It seriously is the only decent name in my family tree. There are Myrtles and Mildreds and other similar names that I personally find atrocious. lol.

    Just wondering what everyone thought? I can't find any history on it so I am assuming my family was dabbling in creative names back then. Anavieve's mother was named Anna, which is something I noticed in my family tree was that a lot of daughters were named after the mothers which I thought was kind of odd, but maybe she was trying to name her daughter after her and added a twist?

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    I think it's interesting. I like the sound, but it looks incomplete as a spelling, like there should be a letter in from of the first A. Overall, if it is a creative name, it's most certainly not a horrible one; it sorta has its own classic vibe to it, especially if it came from a mush of Anna and Genevieve.

    EDIT: Annevieve looks much more complete and classic, kudos to cheridel for mentioning this spelling.
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    I've actually seen the name Annevieve before. Personally, I prefer the Annevieve spelling to the Anavieve one. I do like it, but not as much as Genevieve.

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    I like Annevieve better as well, but it is very interesting and I think you should use it if you want!
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    Gorgeous! As with previous posters, I prefer Annevieve. I absolutely adore this name! Very pretty. I definitely prefer it to Genevieve.
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