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    I really like India (especially since there was a character named India in Gone with the Wind) but I think it stirs up too much controversy. There are some people who don't know about the massive number of deaths of Indians under British rule, and then there are some people who do know. And it really offends them. Maybe it doesn't bother you, but it would bother me.
    So if you really love India, I hesitantly say go for it; but go for it with caution.

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    Not a fan.
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    I think it would be kind of classless to name a kid something that you're aware is offensive to an entire ethnic group...
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    @laddy08 - I'm Australian too and there's absolutely no controversy over the name India here! It's just a cute name. Don't be wary about using this name in Australia. Very few people would find the name controversial here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    I think it would be kind of classless to name a kid something that you're aware is offensive to an entire ethnic group...
    Agreed. Whether or not it offends the white person who wants to use the name is kinda besides the point, and I'm curious when I read the other threads as to why some people don't get that. Willful ignorance and half-baked justifications ("Oh I didn't know it was controversial! But now that I do, I still think it's pretty and don't see the big deal, and it's not like I was directly involved in colonialism, so it doesn't concern me, and I have Indian friends who are cool with it, and-") don't excuse you from exercising empathy and consideration for other people's feelings. I don't understand how those that are aware that India on a white girl can be so problematic with its colonial/racist undertones could, instead of automatically moving along to another perfectly lovely alternative like Indigo, choose to dig in their heels and stubbornly refuse to cede to the victims of colonialism the right to define what is offensive to them - your viewpoint should not be privileged above theirs for obvious reasons. This isn't something that happened 1000 years ago; the staggering number of lives lost as a consequence of British colonialism has left lasting scars, and the social, cultural, economic fallout from colonialism is ongoing.

    Quote Originally Posted by aj_bear View Post
    I really like India (especially since there was a character named India in Gone with the Wind)
    Well, that film has racial issues of its own, which should also give you pause. The name was worn by the sister of a plantation owner and a member of the Southern slave-owning aristocracy, which was, as Tarantino aptly put it, "an absurd, grotesque parody of European aristocracy" - at this point in time 'India' was being used in Britain as a name by privileged, upper class families who often had economic ties (read: exploitative relations) to their colony and were charmed by the "exotic" images of spices, teas, etc. the name conjured up. So there's a lot of racial hierarchy implicit in her choice of name.

    I understand there are people who use the name and are completely ignorant of the controversy surrounding it, but when you start willfully disregarding the perspective of those whom the name concerns and actively ignore the history of its usage, insisting on it becomes tasteless, IMO.

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