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    Upper class young couple with son & daughter, England, 1910s - 20s. Names needed!

    From time to time,my husband gives his students (he's professor of modern literature) this kind of homework: there are circumstances described, short characteristics of the heroes given and the exact names (to make his work easier- he knows who is who at once, doesn't have to remember countless sets of family links) invented. Student's job is to write short story which reflects style of writing characteristis for the exact era, evokes the style of a particular author, who lived and wrote then and so on. It's a kind of play combined with excercising literary skills.
    It was always my job to invent the names (what I've always done using Nameberry), but now I'm a bit exhausted with naming after naming my son, so maybe you could help?

    This one will be a story of the young upper class couple, living in the twenties. They have two toddlers, girl and a boy. As for now, father is named Benedict. I still need the names for his wife, son and daughter, willingly with middle names too. Could you help?
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    Mother's maiden name--Loretta Violet
    Daughter's name-- Violet Delphine
    Son's name-- Charles Benedict/Charles Barneby/ Barneby (Barney) Charles.

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