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Thread: My list. :)

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    Thank you everyone! Your suggestions are really helpful.

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    Charlotte Magnolia: I like Magnolia, but Charlotte is just WAY too popular for my taste. Maybe switch? Magnolia Charlotte is pretty.
    Violet Fiona: I like it! I prefer Fiona Violet, though.
    Annabel Heather: Love love love.
    Eloise: I like it!
    Lilly Scarlett: Ehh.
    Harlow: No, I don't like it at all.
    Milena Ruby: Ehh.

    Kellan Felix: I like Felix...not sure about Kellan, though.
    Liam Christopher: I like it!
    Jett Mason: I don't like it...
    Luca Jasper: Not a fan of either name.
    Aiden James: Okay!
    Nathaniel: Nice.
    Alexander: Ehh.
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    alyssa897 Guest
    Charlotte Magnolia - love both names, Charlotte especially. Magnolia is nice, but this combo feels really "heavy", if that makes any sense. I think a simpler combo for each name would be better.
    Violet Fiona - love both names, but not together. Doesn't have a good flow and they seem like such different styles
    Annabel Heather - love Annabel! Heather isn't my style, but it's not bad by any means.
    Eloise (suggest middle names?) - What about Fiona Eloise? Love Eloise.
    Lilly Scarlett - I prefer the Lily spelling. This combo is too word-y for my style though. Makes me think of a red Lily.
    Harlow (suggest middle names?) - Lillian Harlow? Lilly Harlow?
    Milena Ruby "Mila" - gorgeous!!

    Kellan Felix - neither names are my style, but good combo
    Liam Christopher - love! I love Liam paired with a longer middle name
    Jett Mason (LOVE Jett but can never find the perfect middle name) - I think this is great! I do prefer Mason to Jett so maybe Mason Jett?
    Luca Jasper - Love Luca, not a fan of Jasper
    Aiden James - my favorite!!! I actually have had this exact combo on my list for years and years.
    Nathaniel - love! Nathaniel Jasper, Nathaniel Cole, Nathaniel Connor, Nathaniel Felix
    Alexander - loooove! Alexander Julian, Alexander Cole, Alexander Mason, Alexander Lucas

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