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    Callan Briar / Callan Briar-Rose is really pretty. Callan Bea is cute, along with Callan Brielle. I definitely like the idea of having her have a B middle name - that way she's not left out. Callan Beatrice, Callan Belle, Callan Betsy, Callan Bay, Callan Beckett, Callan Bethany, Callan Brie, Callan Bria, Callan Brooke, Callan Bryn are some cute B names too.

    Good luck!!

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    I really like Callan Brielle: feminine, repeats double L, starts with B like her brothers. Cute!

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    Callan Beatrice (Callie Bea) has a nice ring to it. I love the meaning for Beatrice as well (blessed, she who brings happiness). We will see what the hubby has to say. I like Briar as well but it rhymes with our last name. We've tossed around some of the other Bs mentioned as well but my husband tends to oppose them. I agree that Callan Brielle fits together well. I thought I wanted a super feminine middle name but for some reason I am having trouble accepting a really feminine name - I will probably think differently by tomorrow, that seems to be the way it's going.

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    Mae is underrated, I think! I prefer the spelling May though because that spelling is even less used. Although I'm not sure if Callan Mae really flows.

    Callan Rose
    Callan Timber
    Callan Bryn

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