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    Callan is so pretty! I don't love Ayla, how about Arya/Aria/Arria? Mae is pretty and works with Callan, but it's a bit boring, I'd go for something a little more frilly like Ayla (or, prefereably, Arya). How about...
    Callan Acacia
    Callan Eliza
    Callan Rebecca
    Callan Hillary
    (this is actually so hard!)
    Callan Emily
    Callan Victoria
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    Is Callan Lulu too out there? What about Callan Bea? I do think Callan Brielle is pretty but I have a hard time not associating that with Brielle Hunter, although nobody my little girl's age would. Thanks again for all of the feedback. Now, if I would just start getting contractions so I can meet my little girl.

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    I am 28 and I am not sure who Brielle Hunter is? I googled and came across Rielle Hunter associated with all the John Edwards stuff, is that who you are talking about?

    I personally dont think Lulu or Bea sound right with Callan. I can't really explain why but they just dont sound right to me.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide!

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    You're right, it's not Brielle, it's Rielle. whoops.

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