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    Still need middle name for baby girl Callan due any day

    We are due any day and still trying to figure out the middle name for Callan (Callie), sister to Sullivan Birch and Paxton Boone. It doesn't have to be a "b" middle name. We were thinking Callan Ayla (Callie) or Callan Mae (Callie), but is Mae just too common and a fallback? Any other suggestions?

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    I think that Callan is quite masculine, so a feminine middle would be best.

    Callan Violet
    Callan Briar
    Callan Estelle
    Callan Xanthe
    Callan Mabel
    Callan Odette
    Callan Adair
    Callan Penelope
    Callan Vera
    Callan Maria
    Callan Fleur
    Callan Rosette
    Callan Brielle
    Callan Ivy

    I also think your ideas of Callan Ayla and Callan Mae are pretty. I think that Mae is quite common in the middle, but not as "filler" as Rose or Marie.
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    I agree, it is masculine so we definitely need a feminine middle name. Thank you for the suggestions.

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    I love Callan. I'm not a big fan of Callan Ayla because it doesn't flow well IMO, and Mae is a very common filler.

    Callan Brielle
    Callan Genevieve
    Callan June
    Callan Juliette
    Callan Maeve (similar to Mae, but gives it a little extra something)
    Callan Noelle
    Ian Alexander Cameron Blaise Damien Cole Axel Sean Callum Bryce Lennox Beau
    Blair Annevieve Camryn Atalya Piper Caydence Tallulah Sage Senna Kai Haven Lux

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    I second Callan Brielle...

    I dont think Ayla flows very well and Mae just falls flat.

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