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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    I'm not saying Violet will be dated, however I do think the only way to guarantee a name doesn't become dated is to pick one that is totally unique or totally bland. Things become dated because lots of people are into them at the same time. So the more popular Violet becomes, the more it is associated with a particular time period.

    Take fashion --something totally unique to you is never dated (like a special broach or scarf, or Anna Wintour's bob haircut) because it's a symbol of your style. Something like a black suitjacket is never dated because everyone always has one in their closet.

    Something totally unique like Oleander (or whatever) won't be tied to a time period. Nor Sarah (or whatever) because it appears in every time period.
    Exactly my thoughts... My name, Tiffany, is now quite dated. I believe it was in the top 10 when I was born. My sister, Shauna's name was also quite popular when she was born (you can tell she's older than me, right?). However, my brother Devin's name was quite rare when he was born... So popularity is what makes it age... like all those Isabelles, Anabelles, Isabellas, etc. will sound dated in a few decades. If Violet gets popular enough (and does not maintain that popularity), then it will seem dated...
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    I considered violet , and don't think it will become dated as such. Just don't know what nn are available from it apart from Vi... which is not so cute... and would suit better when she was older perhaps... so i think it may be off the table :/

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    No I don't think Violet will ever seem dated!

    My mum's friend has just had a granddaughter named Violet Susan, they were worried that Violet would seem dated and attached to the period of time, she was worried that in ten years time her daughter's name will seem dated. But as I said to Felicity (my mum's friend daughter) Violet is a classic, a timeless botanical classic that has been around for ages. Yes the name as sparked in popularity I really don't think the name will be dated because of a spark in popularity. Amelia is incredibly popular in the UK that doesn't mean that Amelia is tied in with this period of time because she doesn't date. Violet isn't the same as Madison she won't date.

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    Since the name was popular in the early 20th century, I don't think it will ever seem dated. It's not a name that came out of nowhere and became super popular (like a lot of popular names from the 70s, 80s, 90s). Even though Violet wasn't popular at all in the 80s or 90s, I don't think anyone during those decades would have said "Oh, Violet is such a dated name." I think it's a pretty timeless name. I'm not worried about Violet becoming dated, but I am worried about it becoming a top 10.

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    I don't know if this specific name will feel dated, but I think that the general style of flowery Golden Girl old fashioned style names will be tied to this time period. I don't think specific names blow up like they used I went to school with Jen Y, Jen G, Jenny G, Jennifer H, ect...I don't think the same will happen with Violet. I don't think it will even be that crazy with Sophia & Sophie. I think people are just choosing from a larger cache of names, but most of them have a forgotten-classic & vintage vibe to them. We are all guilty have having those collective likes & dislikes of our generation. Likes= old fashioned names Dislikes= not seeming like a unique individual!

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