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    Will Violet seem dated soon?

    I know it was popular in the early 20th century, but since it's kind of going through a huge burst of popularity now will it start seeming dated and lose the vintage-y appeal it has?
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    Nature names with a vintage flair have been popular for years so I don't think Violet will become "dated". Names like Harper, Jaylyn and Kayla are more apt to become "dated" rather than long established names.
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    I think Violet isn't neccessarily a classic, but is timeless. I think it'll be in style quite often, but never quite unstylish. Am I making any sense at all?
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    Anxious to hear every one's opinion on this one. I also wonder if it will seem dated or popular to a certain time period. Although names like Ava and Isabella aren't exactly trendy, they will probably be names people associate with the early 2000's because of their extreme popularity now.

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    I worry about that, too. I don't want Violet to become the next Heather.

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