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    My Husband's List

    Asher i think but he would be called Ash.
    Max but it will be hard to come up with a middle name?

    Straight from the horses mouth, including some thoughts on a couple names.

    Ideas? We need opinions, and combos etc. I am 37 weeks tomorrow and have never made it past 38. Two of three were born at 37 weeks 4 days!

    Also Rhys is more of a mn,

    Our children are:

    Carson Michael
    Parker Allen
    Lena Brooke
    Rylan Christopher

    Last name is Casey

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    I like the combo Maddox Rhys. You can even use Max as a nickname for Maddox!
    My other favorite combo from these names are Grant Xavier.
    Congrats on the new little one. And good luck!! ^_^
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    I've been trying to figure a way to make Grant work as a first name with our lists! Thank you I'm in love with Maddox and the nn Max I will pass your suggestions to my husband! Thank you!!!

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    I think Grant would be a wonderful addition to your family. My other faves are Xavier, Noah and Max but with two sons with surnames I don't think they fit as well as Grant does. I guess you could go with Maddox with the nn Max if you wanted but Maddox isn't a fave of mine. Grant Maddox perhaps?

    I would eliminate...

    Rhys as it's too similar to Rylan
    Asher because it shares an ending with Parker
    Landon and Carson are not ideal
    All the best,

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    My fave is Landon Maddox. I think the name is very strong and it works well with your other kids' names. Good luck!

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