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    Long list of girls Combos. Opinions Welcome.

    [U]Kianna[/U] - I like that it has an in it and my boyfriend and his nephew both have an at the end of there name so i thought it would be quite sweet.
    [U]Rosalie[/U] - I like this because it's my nan's middle name (Rose) and my boyfriends middle name Leslie mixed together.
    [U]Angharad[/U]/Cerys - Both Welsh names. Angharad - Ang-har-ad. Cerys - Car-iss.
    [U]Stella[/U] is after my boyfriend's grandfathers sister.
    Irelyn As my boyfriend is Irish.

    Angharad - Crystal Angharad, Leila/Layla Angharad, Mollie Angharad, Maya Angharad.
    Jocelyn - Jocelyn Chantel, Jocelyn Faye, Jocelyn Breanna, Jocelyn Heidi Pearl.
    Roxanne - Roxanne Jocelyn May, Sydney Roxanne May, Lyndsey Roxanne, Sinead Roxanne Mai.
    MacKynzie - MacKynzie Leigh Skye, MacKynzie Julie May, MacKynzie Brooke, MacKynzie Lydia Anne.
    Lucinda - Lucinda Ivy Jade, Lucinda Marie, Lucinda Anastacia, Lucinda Naomi-Skye.
    Courtney - Courtney Abigail May, Courtney Renee, Courtney Joanne, Courtney Leanne.
    Kianna - Kianna Chelsey Jade, Kianna Paris, Kianna Leanne Jade, Kianna Dream Jade.
    Rosalie - Rosalie Angharad, Rosalie Gabriella, Rosalie Irelyn May, Rosalie Lorelai (Laura-Lie)
    Shyanne -Shyanne Kadi or Kadence Shyanne (Kadi). Kadi Shyanne or Kadi Leanne. Kadence Edna May, Kadence Edna Rose, Kadence Rose.
    Azalia - Gabriella Azalia Harper, Niamh Azalia, Nadine Azalia, Daisey Azalia Rose.
    Acacia - Daniella Acacia/Gabriella Acacia, Acacia Skye, Kyra Acacia Jane, Kaliyah Acacia Jane.
    Thalia - Thalia Aurora Emily, Thalia Niamh Leigh, Thalia Leigh, Thalia Evelyn-Rose.
    Gabriella - Gabriella Nicole, Lorelai Gabriella, Lucie Gabriella, Evelyn Gabriella.
    Loralie - Lorelai Rose, Lorelai Piper, Lorelai Madalyn, Lorelai Acelinn, Lorelai Eve.
    Cerys - Cerys Daisy/Daisey, Cerys Rose, Cerys Anna, Cerys Emily Joy/Emily May.
    Cadence - Cadence Maia, Cadence Rae, Cadence Skye, Cadence Liliana Marie.
    Felicity - Felicity Daniella/Gabriella, Felicity Cerys, Felicity Jordyn, Felicity Evelyn.
    Irleyn - Irelyn Rose, Irelyn Fiona, Irelyn Sinaed, Irelyn Ciara.
    Deanna - Deanna Emily Jayne, Deanna Summer Marie, Deanna Angel Lynn, Deanna Priscilla.
    Ariana - Ariana Eve, Ariana Shae, Leah Ariana, MacKynzie Ariana.
    Demi - Demi Leanne, Demi Leigh, Demi Michelle, Demi Cadence.
    Lainey - Alayna 'Laynie' Rosalie, Alayna 'Laynie' Pearl, Alayna 'Laynie' Katelyn Anne, Alayna 'Laynie' Michelle.
    Lindsey - Lindsey Joanne, Lindsey Emma Rose, Lindsey Marie, Lindsey Anneliese.
    Acelynn - Acelynn Serenity, Acelynn May, Paisley Acelynn, Rosalie Acelynn RaeAnn.
    Emily - Emily-Anna/Emilie/Emily Grace, Emily Robyn, Emily Juliette, Emily Gabrielle Niamh.
    Whitney - Aurora Whitney, Whitney Rose, Whitney Aurora, Whitney Julianna, Whitney Cadence.
    Arabella - Arabella Lucinda Anne, Arabella Starr, Evie Arabella, Matilda Arabella Lily.
    Adelaide - Adelaide Paislynn, Adelaide Lucy, Rosalie Adelaide, Emily Adelaide.
    Stella - Stella Felicity, Stella Leanne, Stella Annaliese, Stella Joanna.
    Aaliyah - Leonie Aaliyah, Whitney Aaliyah, MacKynzie Aaliyah, Shanelle Aaliyah.
    Evelyn/Savannah - Evelyn Savannah/Savannah Evelyn, Evelyn Ariana, Savannah Emily, Evelyn/Emily April Star.
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