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    I don't really think you can go wrong with any of these names. I'll be the one that says I love Wren! I don't see it as a boy's name at all. I've seen people use it with the nn Birdie, if that helps.

    Wren Elizabeth would be gorgeous, or Charlotte Wren. I think it just depends on how popular you wanna go-- Top 10, Top 20 or totally unusual.
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    Oh dear, I love all three! I would combine Charlotte Wren and Elizabeth Wren.

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    I love all. I would pick Elizabeth, because of the nickname potential. Wren is one I love but also would understand it's way too unusual for many people especially anyone in my name-conservative family. Both Charlotte and Elizabeth are names I have on my list for the Royal baby, you wouldn't be Kate Middleton would you?
    Cecilia and Catherine both seem in keeping with you style. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I still don't understand this O_o How do you get Wren (rehn) from Catherine (kath-rin)? The sounds aren't compatible and the 'w' is nowhere to be seen.
    The pronunciation difference might have to do with the UK vs. the US. They are very similar when I say them (i.e. KATH-rehn). And yeah, there is no "w" so it would be more like Ren.
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    Love Wren. If you used Elizabeth i much prefer Bette, or Betty as a nn.
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