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    Wren has the primary association of 'boil or mark' for me rather than the bird, sorry but I just can't shake it.

    Charlotte and Elizabeth are both stunning.
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    I love Elizabeth for being sophisticated and down-to-earth at the same time, for the literary and historical connections, and for being the most classic of classic names. Charlotte is beautiful and regal as well, and I love it but not as much as Elizabeth. Wren is cute but doesn't have the same weight or versatility. I agree with suggestions of Elizabeth Wren or Charlotte Wren- and what about Elizabeth Charlotte?
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    I love the name Charlotte!

    Elizabeth, I think, is the most commonly used amongst the three, and Charlotte has great characteristic.

    Meaning 'Free Man', it's also the name of some of the world's most famous people: Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte Rae, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Charlotte E. Ray. Charlotte Forten... Charlotte Cantilini, whom was portrayed in character by Jennifer Lopez in 'Monster-in-Law'

    And my favorite bit of the name Charlotte is the nickname 'Charlie'. I've always wanted a boy-girl name and the closest I got was a nickname as 'Dennis' or 'Denny'; which I why I'd also ship Wren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine.10 View Post
    EDIT: Ooh, and I just noticed dindlee's idea of Catherine nn Wren. That is genious!
    I still don't understand this O_o How do you get Wren (rehn) from Catherine (kath-rin)? The sounds aren't compatible and the 'w' is nowhere to be seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicole3elizabeth View Post
    I have been having such trouble landing on one name! I loved Wren, but I've gotten such negative feedback, especially from my husband, dubbing it a "boys" name. I do love the name Charlotte, but I'm not sure if it has enough character. I love the name Elizabeth. If I were to choose Elizabeth, her nickname would most likely be Elle, and we would probably call her that most often.
    My friend said I needed a focus group to settle on one name, so I'd love to know your opinions on which name you prefer and why. Thank you!
    Hmm your friend is completely right if you have comments from strangers it'll most likely help whittle down choices..

    I'm a classic girl, I love classic names. So because of this I prefer Elizabeth and Charlotte over Wren. Elizabeth is a really elegant, and regal sounding. I love the whole vibe of Elizabeth she's an regal, sophisticated choice. I also love the range of nicknames associated with Elizabeth such as Eliza, Beth, Lisa, Lizzie, Betsy and Betty. I also love Elle. Yet I do prefer Charlotte over Elizabeth, Charlotte sounds a lot softer, has a prettier vibe and feels really elegant. I also love the nickname Lottie for Charlotte. I'm a major fan of Charlotte she's on my forever changing favourite name list at the moment. So yes I do prefer Charlotte! I think Wren could work as a really spunky middle name. I think Charlotte Wren sounds lovely.

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