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    Charlotte, Wren, or Elizabeth?

    I have been having such trouble landing on one name! I loved Wren, but I've gotten such negative feedback, especially from my husband, dubbing it a "boys" name. I do love the name Charlotte, but I'm not sure if it has enough character. I love the name Elizabeth. If I were to choose Elizabeth, her nickname would most likely be Elle, and we would probably call her that most often.
    My friend said I needed a focus group to settle on one name, so I'd love to know your opinions on which name you prefer and why. Thank you!

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    I love the Elizabeth the most, but Elle is my least favorite nickname! Elle/Ella/Belle/Bella type names and nicknames are very overused and overly popular right now. Elizabeth has so many great nicknames, it would be a shame to use something so trendy and boring. Eliza, Beth, Betty, Libby and etc are so much more interesting.

    Charlotte is a lovely name and it has a lot of character and history. It is common, but classic and you can't really go wrong with it.

    I love bird names, but Wren isn't my favorite. When I was growing up, Renée was a super popular girls' name and they all went by Ren. It feels somewhat dated to me. It is still likeable and feminine in my opinion. I am just bored with it. I much prefer Sparrow, Lark, Paloma, Phoenix, Raven, Robin, and Starling.
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    I'm afraid I agree with uselesskitty about Elle as a nickname for Elizabeth. One of the great virtues of Elizabeth, which is otherwise very traditional, is the wide variety of nicknames possible.

    Charlotte to me is lovely. I'd pick that one. Yes, it seems like it's getting more popular. But it's classic, feminine without being over-the-top frilly, smart and spunky but also cute and cuddly.

    Wren I don't like. Sorry.

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    Charlotte - I am falling out of love with this with repetition. A lovely name but feels trendy now.
    Wren - A beautiful, feminine name! Unusual but not odd.
    Elizabeth - Elegant and perennial! Lots of nickname possibilities as well. Elle is sweet.

    I think Wren Elizabeth or Elizabeth Wren would be lovely!

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    Charlotte and Elizabeth are beautiful classic names, while for me, Wren just isn't.

    What do you think of Catherine, with a nn of Wren, or even better Renna? I love how unexpected it is but she would still have a classic name to fall back on. Catherine is more in line with the style of Charlotte and Elizabeth.
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