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    Charlotte Wren or Elizabeth Wren would be lovely! I think Wren works better in the middle spot. It doesn't have the depth and history of the other two classic gems.
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    I see the appeal with Charlotte and Elizabeth, but they both feel too familiar to me. Wren, on the other hand, is unique and charming. I love it! If your husband really does not like it though, that is definitely a concern. Have you also considered Fern and Wrenna? Also, if you love Wren but want a name with more history what about Florence with the nn Ren?

    I hope that helps!

    EDIT: Ooh, and I just noticed dindlee's idea of Catherine nn Wren. That is genious!
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    I agree you can't go wrong with either of Elizabeth or Charlotte whereas Wren will date so quickly! I prefer Elizabeth Wren I think. However using Catherine or Florence with nn wren would be a a great compromise!

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    I like Wren quite a bit, but husbands can be hard to convince. I agree that another beautiful avian name could be a substitute, especially Lark or Paloma.

    Of the other two, I prefer Charlotte over Elizabeth, but I love the wide range of nicknames Elizabeth offers, so if you see yourself using nicknames, I'd go with Elizabeth. I see what uselesskitty means about Elle/Ella nicnakes being popular, but there isn't much you can do about that, and if your daughter feels like she wants to separate herself when she's older, she'll probably decide that herself. One of my best friends in high school was a Jenifer (one N!) and insisted on going by her last name, while the 15 other Jennifers in our class all went by Jenny/Jen/Jenna. She might decide to be Tibby one day and you won't be able to stop it!

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    I'd go with Elizabeth with Wren perhaps as the middle name. I don't like Charlotte at all, though the nn Lottie is cute. I really like the suggestion Catherine nn Wren! That's got to be my favourite.
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