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    Sawyer to me has gone feminine. It's too bad your family doesn't like Whittaker; I t hought that was inspired (and long enough to avoid the elision with Ray). To me, the ideal would be to pick a name that you want to use without a nn or with a two-wyllable nn. Almost anything monosyllabic is going to sound a little fishy with Ray. But I would especially avoid picking a name (like Griffin?) that you don't like the long-form for. If it's just a way to get to the nn, how will you feel when he decides he doesn't want to go by his nn? I really like Finnegan Ray.

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    Griffin Ray sounds awesome - if you don't like 'Fin' why can't you just be adamant that he goes by his full name? Not everyone has to go by a nickname.... Same with Bennett.

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    Griffin - I am honestly not a fan of this name although I love Finn or even Flynn but I wouldn't use it as a long form I would use Finlay/Finley. Finn Ray does sounds a little silly.
    Maxwell - I really like Maxwell and I think it would be nice with Addison.
    Calvin - I this this is a good vintage boys' name but I don't think it pairs with Addison that well.
    Whitaker - I honestly think this would be a terrible name and the nickname Whit is pretty bad too.
    Sawyer - I'm not a fan of this name but it's not terrible.
    Bennett - I really like this name. He could be a Benny instead.

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    The problem is that one syllable first names with a one syllable last name are tricky.

    Suggestions: Flynn Ray would sound better than Finn Ray. Pick something that doesn't have an obvious nickname or wouldn't be shortened. Well, at least not to something that isn't only one syllable.

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    Wolv you are completely right and I keep trying to force myself to love Griffin because I actually love Finn, which when reading it over does seem a little silly. The more I think about it the more I am considering Callum, so thank you all for that suggestion. I also appreciate the list of other suggestions niteowl13. I love Harrison (but crossed that out since I thought it was too much to have 2 kids names ending in "son") and I like Thatcher, but hubby hates lol I have friends with kids that have the names Garrett, Nolan, Breccan and Liam so those are out... Do you see how this is starting to feel impossible! I might be leaning more and more to Maxwell, specially since in Maine (where we live) I have yet to meet another Maxwell. Any suggestions on a middle name that would go with Maxwell?
    Maxwell Lee (brothers mn) Ray?
    Maxwell Arthur Ray?
    Maxwell Bennett Ray?
    Maxwell Finley Ray?

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