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    Thank you Thank you all for your thoughts! I will have to start a poll I don't really mind the NN not sounding good with our last name, probably thinking that upon first meet or when filling out paperwork he would use his full name (although I guess that is not always necessarily true). I really don't think I can convince my husband on Sawyer, so I may have to agree with the others and remove that from the list. I do like Callum, although am afraid that people will constantly say it wrong and am unsure if it goes with Addison? I was in love with Oliver, but it is becoming a little too popular (trying NOT to have another super popular name like Addison) and my husband and entire family dislike it as well (specifically the nn Ollie).
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    Finnian came straight to mind.

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    I like Finnian too, but Hubby says no lol I brought up the name Whittaker to my family last night and they all baulked. It is so frustrating when your family dislikes ALL your choices

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    Ok, so I'm assuming that Ray is your surname. If so, then Whittaker and Sawyer are straight out... sorry, but they will slur to become Whittakeray and Sawyeray. Have you considered Whitman as an alternative to Whittaker?

    Griffin- This name's ok, but I think I'm rapidly falling out of love with it...
    Maxwell- It's ok, just soooo common.
    Calvin- Love. Calvin is classic, masculine, and will age very well. Moreover, with the nn Cal I see it being very wearable... I mean, it could fit a nerd or a hockey star...
    Bennett- I also like this name, but I really like the nn Ben. Ultimately it would be up to him whether to use Ben or Bennett...

    My top would be Calvin. Calvin Ray is quite nice...
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    My favorite from your list would be Maxwell. I also agree with whomever mentioned Callum (NN Cal) earlier, think that'd be a great one (and I don't think you'd have pronunciation issues, it's pretty straight-forward). I like Calvin's sound a lot, but it's meaning is not anything to get excited about, which takes it down a notch in my mind (which is one of the reasons I much prefer Callum). Bennett, Griffin, Whittaker and Sawyer I'm not the biggest fan of.

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