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    I do call my daughter Addie most of the time. I agree that a 1 syllable name really wont work with our surname! I am ok with the NN being one syllable, but not the full name (hence coming up with Griffin). My husband likes Finnegan as an option, but I am too chicken to use it I am not sure what to use for a middle, so am open to suggestions!
    Thanks for all your thoughts! You are making me feel a little better about our list already!!

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    I agree with bonnielyn about finn ray not being any worse or better than Max or Whit Ray
    How about Finley instead of Finnegan?

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    We thought about Finley, but we have a friend with a daughter named Finley, so that rules that out! I think Finn or Whit are ok for a NN, but am really looking for the full name to be 2-3 syllables.

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    I like Phineas, nn Finn. How about that??

    I also love Bennett and I think it could stand on its own without a nn. Might take a little effort but I know a Bennett in his late 20s that always goes by his full name.

    Other suggestions: Callum (I like it better than Calvin personally), Quincy, Holden, Archer.

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    My top three from your list are: Griffin, Sawyer and Whittaker. I really like them all.

    I actually love Griffin (let me disclose, I have a son with that name). And, I think Griffin Ray sounds wonderful. Finn Ray does sound less formal maybe? Actually it sounds a bit like a southern double first name to me. However, it's a nickname, I don't think most people's nicknames flow as well with their last names as their actual names.

    Sawyer is another name that I love. However, it stands out as way more 'unisex' than your other choices. Actually, I know a family with both an Addison and a Sawyer. There son is Addison and their daughter is Sawyer. Then again, I know two other Sawyers that are boys. I know of more female Addisons than male. If a name being given to both boys and girls doesn't deter you, Sawyer is a GREAT name! We've actually considered it as a middle name for our current baby-to-be.

    As far as Whittaker with the nickname of Whit, I think it's really a strong sounding name. However, Whit Ray has the same sound to it, to my ears, that Finn Ray has. Actually Finn Ray, Max Ray, Whit Ray, Cal Ray, they all have that same less formal sound/double southern first name sound to me. However, it's yours and your dh's ears that count. The best advice anyone ever gave me is, "If you love it, use it and let everyone else just get used to it!".

    Good luck!
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