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    Exclamation Desperate need of HELP! Thoughts/Suggestions on our list

    My husband and I are having a HORRIBLE time trying to come up with a name for our little boy due 9/4/13.
    Our first child, a girl, is now 2 and is named Addison Anne (after my husbands deceased mother) Ray. We loved her name instantly, but for some reason cannot "connect" with any boys names. Our short list so far is:

    Griffin (nn Finn... we both love Finn, but Finn Ray sounds a little ridiculous)
    Maxwell (nn Max)
    Calvin (nn Cal)
    Whittaker (nn Whit)
    Sawyer (I LOVE, hubby HATES)
    and possibly Bennett, although I really dislike the nn Ben, which I know everyone will call him.

    Any thoughts on these names/suggestions? Also looking for some middle name suggestions that would go with these.


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