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    Too small of a name????

    Lee. As a FN for a boy. Is it too short? Too nothing? Just a sound? I love it and it has such meaning for me (honouring my dad and my brother, both of whom I am very close to), and it is one of the only sure names on my list. Would it need longer MNs to fill it out or would that off balance it?
    What do you think?
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    I LOVE IT!!!!

    I think it is simple, classic, distinct & lovely.

    For me the best boy names are strong & simple. Not at all over-the-top or childish or overly macho or ornate. This leaves me with a lot of super common choices like John, Tom, ect which are nice enough but not as *special* feeling. For me Lee has that special factor.

    Louis is another

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    I know a Lee. Never really cared for his name honestly. It just doesn't have enough substance to it... I always call him some longer name just to make it flow off my tongue better.

    One name I call him quite often, which I dont think is too terrible is Leopold. Quite hipster/old man sounding, but the right kid could pull it off.
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    Leo is trending in a big way in my area...I'm sure quite a few of them are Leopold. Leo is nice, but it feels more hipstery to me, therefore feels like it's trying harder. Lee is so much nicer imo. It also feels Southern to me, which is always extra points. To me, Lee is so pared down & spare that it feels modern & masculine. It's so untrendy but it puts me in mind of something like Reed.

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    I like Lee. I think some of the simplest names can say so much. While I prefer something with the nn Lee (Leo/Leopold, Levi, Liam, etc.), just Lee is nice, too. It sounds like a rugged cowboy to me, haha. The only Lee I know is the principal of the elementary school I used to attend (he wasn't my principal, but he was for my siblings). He's a little... quirky, haha, but still a nice guy and really cares about kids. I think it'd be quite refreshing to meet a little Lee!
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