View Poll Results: Need Help with Names, Please select one Male, One Female Name.

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  • Rye Lee Peterson - M

    1 1.09%
  • Rhys Lee Peterson - M

    62 67.39%
  • Quinn Lee Peterson -M

    22 23.91%
  • Harper Joy Peterson - F

    48 52.17%
  • Eve Joy Peterson - F

    39 42.39%
  • Charlie Joy Peterson - F

    7 7.61%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I ticked Harper Joy but I would have picked Eve Joy if it was Eva Joy - I think it sounds better.

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    I voted for Rhys and Harper.

    Rye Lee - It combines together and sounds like one name, Riley.
    Quinn Lee - I actually think Quinn is a girly name. Harley Quinn anyone?
    Eve Joy - Two one syllable names just doesn't sound right.
    Charlie Joy - I don't mind Charlie as a nn for a girl but, as a full name no. I would assume Charlie was a boy.
    Theodore Arthur

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    You guys rock thank you so much!!
    I feel more lost than when I started, but its a good thing! I still love Quinn and Rhys/Reece but I kinda like them as a unisex name possibly. I dont know lol, it seems once I've made up my mind on my picks, my husband changes his! He still loves Rye but Ive told him to pretty much forget it His second choice is Quinn, but he does love unique names so maybe he would flip for Orion!
    I kinda like ryan for a girl, as you can tell, I prefer boy names for the girls I still enjoy Charlie, but I am starting to think that come adulthood, it wouldnt be so "cute" anymore and would look unprofessional.

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    Quincy Lee and Eva Joy
    Rye Quinn and Lee Frances
    Rye Quincy and Lee Frances

    I think Lee is wonderful and sleek as a first name, but drab in the middle. If you like masculine names on girls, Frances is perfect. Simone (almost Simon) could also be lovely- Lee Simone.

    I like Rye a lot. Ry even.

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