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    What do you think about this name?

    I'm really starting to lean toward Shepherd Alexander as the name for our second son due this summer. My husband likes it. My concern is over whether it is too unusual. It doesn't sound weird or extreme to me, but I guess anytime you go with a name not in the top 1000, people will think it is different. Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

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    It is not personally my taste, but I love the middle name! My name is Robyn (like the bird but spelt different) and I was constantly teased for it as a child, so I tend to feel for kids named after something so easy to tease about. That being said, kids are named very differently now, so maybe they wouldn't be so cruel. Good luck and go with your gut

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    I like Shepherd Alexander, I think it's handsome and unusual without being too out there. Shep would work as a nn!

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    I LOVE it. It's unusual as a name, yes, but it's the type of name people have heard. Even if they have never heard the name Shepherd before, they've heard the word, and it's pretty easy to see how it appealed to you as a name. So I don't think it will get the kind of reactions that something more made-up sounding like, Allanironda would get. I also think Shepherd has some wonderful images and associations associated with it, and I love the nn Shep. So basically, I think you should go for it.

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    I like Shepherd a lot! During my last pregnancy, last fall, I was desperately trying to get my hubby on board with if it was a boy. Since then, I have lost interest a little, but I would love to meet a little boy named Shepherd! Shep is one of my favorite nicknames!
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