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    Yes. I don't think there's anything wrong with inventing names, as long as they're not spelled in a overly complicated way.
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    Go big or go home. Someone had to be first. What's a huge red flag for me are the boring names that often make the most popular names by the decade that the Social Security puts out. One, I live in Los Angeles. Two, I'm a former teacher. You'd have to really describe your daughter named Sarah or Samantha for me but I will more quickly remember a girl named Pageant whose grandmother was a model. If you're going to go for a word name it has to have meaning like a boy named Towner whose father was an architect. The tyranny of traditional needs to be revolutionized. Once the universe gave me Latino sibset students named Bolivar and Guevara. Ask yourself how unique or cliched do you want that name of your child's on that diploma or wedding announcement.
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    I probably would never. I mean, I couldn't let my child walk around with the name Grass because I thought it sounded pretty. Besides, Mischa makes a great point, there are already so many names out there without having to resort to making up your own.
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    I suppose something like "Mountain" wouldn't be that bad. Afterall, at some point some person must have decided that "Snow" would make a good name. Or that "Wren" would make a good name and now those are widely accepted names.

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    What is especially weird is when parents put both of their names together to "create" a name (ex: Stephanie + Darin = Daranie)
    I love word names tho (mostly nature ones, but I love Fable). I don't see anything wrong with word names unless it's something completely inappropriate.
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