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    I was thinking the other day that Islet would be a nice alternative to the popularity of Isla, with the nice image of a little island... but it was too similar to Iris for us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs_anton_yelchin1990 View Post
    I suppose something like "Mountain" wouldn't be that bad. Afterall, at some point some person must have decided that "Snow" would make a good name. Or that "Wren" would make a good name and now those are widely accepted names.
    I think people here would still raise eyebrows at 'snow'. I would't call it widely accepted at all.

    I don't see the point in making up names unless you're writing a fantasy novel. If you want something unusual why not spend some time looking for an unusual name that already exists? There are thousands of names out there, there's bound to be one you like.
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    I would use an unpopular word name after a bit of research, maybe a nameberry poll on the specific name, a lot of careful consideration.

    I was really excited about the name Vivid. I thought it was spunky & sweet, I could imagine it on a Puritan girl so that was enough "history" for me, it seemed like likable way to honor David if I had a daughter...but a bit of research & some Berry comments let me know it's also the name of an adult film company!!

    Words that are unique as names could be fairly common as businesses, they could have a very different feeling to people other than you so it's important to think of multiple perspectives when picking a name like this, consider if the word itself is familiar to most people or if it's obscure & confusing or difficult to pronounce, is the sound beautiful itself without the meaning? There's a lot to consider.

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    What I usually suggest, and would HIGHLY suggest in this case, is take that weird name like Ballet or Grass and go to a Starbucks or some other place where they shout out your name, use it and then see how the people react (won't work unless you pick a place that's full of people) or see how you feel. You might realize you're just not comfortable having the barista call out "Ballet" or if you are, you might not like the way people react. They might see it as a joke and laugh or they might be pleasantly surprised, you never know, but I can guarantee you me and my friends would likely think they were dared to use such a name and laugh.

    Basically if it's a name you wouldn't feel comfortable having, then you shouldn't give it to your child.

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