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    Amelia or Ellie?

    My husband and I have our list narrowed down to 3 names and need opinions:
    Ellie Clementine
    Amelia Mae
    Ellie Ruth

    If Ellie Mae wasn't the name of a Clampet, that would be our name of choice.

    Big sisters are Izzie Caroline and Isla Rose and our last name starts with Mur-

    Thanks ahead of time for your help!!

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    I don't like Ellie as a full name by itself, but Clementine is my favourite of your middle name options.

    I think you could get away with nicknaming an Amelia, Ellie. It's not terribly intuitive, but I think people would roll with it. I know an Amelia who goes by Millie, you might like that as an Ellie alternative?

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    I think Amelia is the prettier name, but Ellie Ruth is cute too
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    Ellie is too nicknamey for me. I like Amelia and think it would be great paired with Ruth.

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    Amelia Mae is beautiful!

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