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    Nope I would never reuse a name -- they are so many beautiful names out there and each child, no matter how many, should feel unique and special.
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    Though you're Emma likes it, you're new baby might end up hating being named after her sister. I know if I had been given a name my sister had, I would have been ticked. It's as if my parents weren't willing to put in the effort to find me a new name and just gave me a "hand-me-down"

    I know my younger sister hated wearing my clothes, so I know she'd hate if my parents used my middle name as her first name. There's just so much sibling rivalry and you don't want to increase the odds of a fight....

    I don't know you or your siblings, but I always caution others to think that if it was you, how would you feel? (be it a weird name or in this case reusing a name) before deciding to use the name on your child.

    This is just my opinion though based on how I would feel. So you're younger daughter may think differently, BUT you have to decide if it's worth the risk.

    All in all, I would never reuse a name.

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    I guess to me if it was a first name or even the first middle name that is used a lot, I could see the issue, but being that she is RARELY ever called Emma Addison Grace, I don't see it as such a big deal... but I could be wrong, which is why I appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions My hubby and both of his brothers have the same middle name... My MIL told me she just LOVED the name, and never thought twice about using it with all three.,.. that it was a bond they shared. I have a friend that used her middle name for both of her daughters middle name, and said she didn't think anything of it, either....
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    I guess rather than thinking that the parents didn't put in the effort, maybe it is that the parents loved the name and it had significant meaning, so it was a name they wanted to hear and enjoyed saying...
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    There are too many names I love (especially girls' names) I will never reuse one. I can understand your point of view, but in my opinion, you can just start calling Emma Emma-Grace more often.

    About the significant meaning, why not using other name with the same/similar meaning?
    Maybe something like Hannah, Anna, Annika, Annaliese, Susannah (I know you strongly consider this for Serena), Charis, etc.
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