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    Benjamin is my first thought for a name similar to Timothy. Graham, Stuart, Malcolm also come to mind. From your list, Miles and Henry would fit but I don't like Webster or Hudson with the older brothers and James seems a little boring (imo). MacGregor is intriguing. I thought of Gregory as a name similar to Timothy but I really love the potential Mac nn for MacGregor.

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    I agree with PP that Timothy and Gregory are very similar. I also think Simon and Miles sound great with your other two boys! Good luck!

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    MacGregor is cute especially with the NN Mac. When I read the title, the first names to came to mind were Simon and Anthony.

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    I love your son's names! When I hear Timothy, I think of names like:


    I like Miles from your list

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    Timothy has a unique sound;not many boys' names end with that -ee sound, and it's so crisp.

    I feel I think of Titus, Peter, Gregory or Stephen when matching feel/imagery. Phonetics take you into rarer territory: Barnaby, Ackerley, Emory, Anthony, Diggory, Montgomery, or Zachary.
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