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    Video Game Name Quiz

    All names were generated (behindthename)

    #1 Girl

    When did you start playing video games? (phone, console, pc etc etc) FN
    0-10 Delicia
    11-20 Rhiannon
    21-30 Henye
    31-40 Dorthe
    41-50 Annette
    Over 50 Candace

    What is your favorite type of platform? MN
    Phone -Kamala
    Xbox -Ourania
    Playstation -Jyoti
    PC -Sibylla
    Android -Nonna
    Wii -Sigihild
    Mac -Chantal
    Nitendo Handheld (gameboy, ds etc) -Berry
    Arcade Machine -Winona
    Other -Mubina

    #1 Boy

    What is your favorite type of video game genre? FN
    Beat em' up/Fighting -Woody
    Maze -Koios
    Platform -Onesime
    Shooter/FPS -Eadbhard
    MMO -Tryphon
    Stealth -Cainneach
    Survival Horror -Nigellus
    Text Adventure -Hamish
    Adventure -Egon
    RPG -Tahir
    Simulation -Hendry
    Strategic -Arthur
    Other- Shirley

    What is your favorite popular game/series? MN
    Assassin's Creed -Stas
    Call of Duty -Brian
    Halo -Naoise
    Elder Scrolls -Seve
    Pac Man -Warner
    Fable -Egemen
    Dead or Alive -Caesarius
    Minecraft -Paulinus
    Other -Lowell

    #2 Girl

    What is your favorite indie game? FN
    Limbo -Rosita
    Journey -Dagny
    Legend of Grimrock -Tamara
    Fez -Della
    World of Goo -Frannie
    Bastion -Nella
    Cave Story -Frida
    Super Meat Boy -Saffron
    Braid -Posy
    Other -Effie

    What is your favorite gaming decade? MN
    70s -Erna
    80s -Godeliva
    90s -Varvara
    2000s -Odila
    2010s -Beatrix

    #2 Boy

    What is your favorite gaming developer? FN
    Bioware -Freeman
    Activision -Judicael
    ArenaNet -River
    Bethesda Softworks -Ioann
    Blizzard Entertainment -Jace
    CD Projekt Red -Graham
    Double Fine Productions -Alonso
    Funcom -Platon
    Lionhead Studios -Ender
    Naughty Dog -Hadley
    Rockstar Games -Martin
    Other -Ingulf

    How often do you game? MN
    1 hr a day -Gareth
    2-5 hrs a day -Brion
    6-10 hrs a day -Julian
    Over 10 hrs a day -Virgilo
    A couple times a week-Iriney
    Once a week -Anatoly
    Once a month -Truman
    Once a year -Juan

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