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    Delicia Sybilla (First "real" game (not KidPix, Arthur's Reading Race, etc.) was a hand me down copy of The Streets of Sim City in first or second grade. I still played a lot of Mathblasters. Got a GBA when I was ten and my dad finally decided that games would not make my brain melt. Then I want back to PC after I got my own computer.)

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    Egon Lowell (Adventure, especially sandboxy, explory ones like Terraria and Spore. Pokemon is the most popular series I like.)

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    Effie Godeliva (Love Terraria. Most games I like are newer than the 80s, but I still think it's the most innovative period in gaming and some fun stuff came out of it (Tyrian, Tetris, the original Game Boy). It lead to the development of games coming after so I choose it for the historical value. Plus, when an 80s game isn't free now, it's probably cheap, so they remain familiar.)

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    Ingulf Brion (Maxis; I love creative games. Two or three hours.)

    Del is a ten year old computer geek, Egon is is a nine year old who loves exploring, Effie is is an eight year old history buff and Iggy is a creative seven year old.
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    DD: Delicia Sibylla
    DS: Arthur Lowell
    DD: Effie Odila
    DS: Ingulf Anatoly
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