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    I know a girl about 18 named Florence, goes by Flo. I've never heard her teased about Aunt Flo if that's your hesitation bigsweater and other previous posters.

    Vintage/old lady names are in vogue, so Florence will fit right in with Margaret, Beatrice, and Josephine!

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    I'm still so torn. I really love Florence, but it just doesn't have a nickname I'm really connecting with. And I'm a nicknamer, lol. Thanks for all the people who said it was usable though

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    I know this is old but, I have a 15 month old Florence and it gets nothing but praise as a name. It helps that she is as cute as a button

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    I love this name, it feels vintage not old ladyish to me, I can absolutely see it someone young. I think Flora is rather sweet as a nickname, although it's lovely as a name in its own right.
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    For me, it's just a name that I never liked, but I picture it more on a little girl than an other lady, contrary to everyone else. I wouldn't use Florence Jane just because combos that end in the same letter or sound tend to be choppy. Florence May, Florence Cassidy, Florence Marina, Florence Isobel or something along those lines would flow better. As a nickname Flora or Ren would be cute/
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