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    I adore Florence! I do t think its old ladyish at all! For nn's I like Flo, Florrie, Floss, Flossie, Flora, Wren... I think you could even pull off fritz or fritzie which is one of my all time favourite nicknames... So many choices!!

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    I love it! I prefer Flora, but Florence is very pretty too. How do you feel about Flora Jane?
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    I don't love Florence, feels very old and tired out.
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    Sweet. Yes, it's old-ladyish but that's the appeal. Musty but so wearable. Flossie is my favorite nickname for Florence. Florence Jane is fabulous.

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    Florence is refreshing and beautiful. Nn's could be Renni, Renci, or Flicka. The only problem I have with the name is the nn Flo.

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