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    Verena vs Verona

    Which name do you prefer? Verena or Verona?

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    I prefer Verena as a name. I believe Shakespeare used Verona as a place in some of his plays, and while it's a nice connection, Verena just feels more like a name to me. Something about Verona makes me imagine a car... A "Toyota Verona", "Honda Verona", etc. Verena is lovely and lilting, with plenty of history. My vote goes to Verena.
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    Saying both names aloud, I really prefer Verena. It sounds lovely, and when I say Verona on the other hand, I feel like it's an incomplete Veronica. Verena sounds complete and just it's a really pretty name.
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    Verena is wonderful, I know a Verena who loves her name because of a connection with a long-ago Verena who was known for bravery and kindness as a nurse.

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    Verena. But I would think the Two Gentlemen of Verona connection would be pretty fun to have! I've not read the play, but I adore Shakespeare, and it's something I'd like to read in the future. I adore Serena, though, and I think Verena's closeness to it is what draws me to it, though. I would love to meet a little girl with either one of these names, though.
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