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  • Felicity Winter and Vivienne Gray

    31 35.23%
  • Vivienne Gray and Rose Evangeline

    29 32.95%
  • Philippa Eleanor and Eve Aline

    5 5.68%
  • Philippa Eleanor and Vivienne Gray

    15 17.05%
  • Eve Aline and Vivienne Gray

    4 4.55%
  • Felicity Winter and Rose Evangeline

    17 19.32%
  • Rose Evangeline and Philippa Gray

    11 12.50%
  • Eve Aline and Felicity Winter

    8 9.09%
  • Other combo (explained below)

    4 4.55%
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    Narrowed-down list! Thoughts appreciated.

    So, we just had our anatomy scan last week, and it looks like we've got two girls on the way! A little sad not have any boys in there (my husband is already freaking out about stuff like shopping and hormones), but it's definitely easier to agree on girl names. We've now narrowed down the list, so input would be much appreciated now that we know what they are!

    Our last name is is one syllable and starts with Y.

    Thoughts? Philippa would be Pippa or Pip for short. Do you have other middle name options that would work better? Gray, Rose, Eve, and Aline are all family names.

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