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    Desperately needing some guidance, please! 6 days and counting!!!!

    I am starting to hope that this baby is a girl, not because I want a girl more than a boy but because our girl name is set. Our boy name however, isn't, at all. We have nothing. Any names we've liked in the past sound wrong and boring. My sister's suggestion was to wait a week and then start thinking about it again, our baby is due in 6 days... I literally cannot wait any longer.

    I am seriously hoping that if we do get a boy on delivery day, his name will just come to me. But knowing myself, it wont. I think Bugsy was a one hit wonder! I am a perfectionist and like to carefully consider everything...but there is no time to carefully consider and I am so completely worried that we will choose a name I will regret and it will impact my bonding with baby!

    I don't even know what to ask, honestly I'm just over it, being pregnant and thinking constantly about names... our list on the fridge has so many crosses it's getting ridiculous.

    On a positive note I think his middle name will be Richmond. I went trawling through the family tree and found that it was my great-grandmothers baby brother who died during infancy, he was named after the doctor who delivered him. I like it, it interesting but not unheard of

    Hmmm... so have you got any suggestions that work with Richmond as a middle name and with Bugsy as a big brother? I'll take whatever you can give me!

    Oh, and for those who have been following my dead end naming saga, Marlon is completely out sadly. A girl at work just had a Marvin 2 days ago, she named him after her father. I never mentioned Marlon as my favourite name so I can't say she "stole a Mar- name". We have worked together for 4 years and become quite good friends. I just couldn't do it to her, I know I'd hate it if someone did that to me, it would make my baby's nameless special or something! Maybe in a few years I'll get a little boy to name Marlon!

    Hopefully you can help, I am getting extremely anxious and irrational, it's safe to say today has not been a happy day, this baby wont stop thumping, I think it will be slightly less than 6 days till we meet him or her!

    Mama to Bugsy William, Jem Richmond and Tallulah Dorothy.

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