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    Berry is a very difficult surname to work with! Because it's a noun, and kind of a funny noun at that, alliteration, assonance, or word names can sound ridiculous. This is complicated even more because long, familiar names work best with Berry, but your taste leans towards short and uncommon. I think that's why this is so hard, especially for girls.

    You may want to start with names that WON'T work and rule them out: I think that includes any word, noun, or occupation name, most names ending in the long "e" sound, anything that starts with b, and very uncommon names. As lovely as unique names can be, with that surname they'll probably sound cartoonish. So based on those rules, I'd rule these names out:
    Kingsley- "King" is a noun, and it ends in -y
    Archer- noun
    Gage- noun
    Griffin- noun
    Jett- noun
    Knox- I think this might slide into the "too uncommon" category- it's just very unique with the -x ending and kn- beginning. Plus I think 3-syllable names and longer work best.
    Delaney- I was on the fence about this one, but I think the double -y ending sounds a bit awkward.
    Zetta- Another one that might possibly work, but I put it on here because of the Z. However, I think longer -etta names work REALLY well with this surname: Marietta Berry, Julietta Berry, and Loretta Berry sound really great.
    Lincoln- Yet again, I wasn't positive on this and it might work, but I think that Lincoln, which is so tied to the president, might sound a bit caricature-ish with a surname like Berry.

    So of the names left over:
    Marlowe - I think Marlowe Berry sounds pretty good. Margaret Berry sounds better- would you consider that with Marlo as a nickname?
    (Middle names Grace or Alexandra?)- Alexandra is fantastic with your surname. Grace is a bit blah in the middle, but it's not bad.

    Suggestions you may like: Layla, Elise, Amelia, Madeleine, Madigan, Fiona, Evelyn, Auden, Kerensa, Manon, Francesca, Noa, Lior, Jocelyn, Eliane, Danica, Alison

    Sullivan- Definitely my favorite here, and Sullivan Berry sounds fantastic.
    Tate- Kind of dated and nicknamey to me.
    Grayson- Kind of trendy and not really my taste, but it does sound good with Berry.
    Mahe- I don't really know how this is pronounced.
    Quinn- I like it enough, but I think there are better names on the list.
    Weston, Hudson- I really like these!
    Spencer- never been a fan. It reminds me of "suspender."

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    If you use Teddy as a first name or a name with Teddy/Ted as a nickname, it could sound like Teddy Bear. Although, I honestly think any name would be fine. If a name bothers you, then don't use it. But if you love it, go for it! Trust me! Think of it this way.... My last name is Seaman, so it it could be A LOT worse.

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    I think long, classic names sound really nice. Alexandra Berry is lovely! I have a friend named Rose Berry so one syllable works too.
    I like Tate Berry for a boy. Or something long (again,) like Alexander Berry and shortening it to Alex Berry isn't bad. But those are just my personal loves.

    Of yours:
    Tate Sullivan Berry
    Delaney Alexandra Berry

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