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  • Lochlan/Lachlan

    27 47.37%
  • Sullivan

    25 43.86%
  • Lincoln

    14 24.56%
  • Harrison

    19 33.33%
  • Gavin

    14 24.56%
  • Edison

    6 10.53%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I think Edison and Harrison are a bit much with a Jason and a Jackson already, I wouldn't add a third -son name into the mix.

    Lachlan is my favourite, I prefer this spelling and I think it's the more intuitive, at least, this is the spelling that's the most popular.

    I'd say Gavin would be my second pick, it evokes the same sort of feelings as Jason does and matches well.

    Lincoln and Sullivan aren't my cup of tea, Lincoln is a place name to me and I've known too many people with Sullivan as a surname to see it as a first.

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    Lachlan and Harrison are the best IMO.
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    Sullivan is one of my favorite names of all time and Gavin is also very nice!
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    I agree with a PP that I would not add another -son name into the mix. I think Lincoln, Lachlan (this spelling) and Sullivan go the best with your other childrens names.

    Good luck!

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    We were initally worried about an additional 'son' ending name added to the mix as well. Then we realized, by the time our newest addition arrives, our eldest will be about to head off to college. With that being true, we won't often be using all of the names at the same time. And, by the time our newest addition hits school age, he'll only have one brother and sister left in the house with him neither of which has that ending as part of their name. Sure, there would still be that repetition of the names of our kids, but in most practical instances, the sibling set won't be lumped together.

    Long answer short, I'm not really concerned about the repeated sounds cause it's not like I'd be calling them together on a playground very often or someone at school would be listing them off together or something. And the most sad realization of all (for me), is I probably only have a handful of years left to sign all of my children's names together on our Christmas cards. After that, our oldest will likely be off living independantly and may even be married with a family of his own. It's crazy how quickly time flies!

    Thanks for pointing that out though! I really appreciate all of the input!

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