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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your suggestions. His idea was for me to name the girl and he would get to name the boy. I was very clear that we both had to be okay on the name, but he seems to have forgotten that! This is the first child for both of us, so to me it is a big deal that I don't care for the name. Not to mention, like many of you, I always associate it with Miami.

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    Dad's don't get naming rights. I think both parents have to agree. No one gets to put their foot down. I think Dade sounds like Dead. I also agree that Dane would be a fabulous alternative. Here are some he might like:


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    I was thinking Dade is an anagram of Dead. Is dead-set on it or Dade-set? Coming from a traditional family I have some sympathy with family names people want to use. If this is just a movie name, not so much.
    Start thinking of your own list if it was up to you. Worry less about finding a replacement like Dane and more something you like out right like Miles. Have him start thinking about other names he likes and put your lists together. Don't just settle on it.

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