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    Help! SO is dead-set on name I don't like

    Hi, everyone! My SO is completely set on the name Dade Michael. While I don't completely hate it, it really isn't my style. I've offered to flip it and use Michael Dade or find another name we both agree on, but he is being completely unreasonable. To make matters worse, he is telling/asking all his friends, who supposedly, all love this name. (He is in the music business, so I don't doubt they like the unique-ness of the name. However, I am more traditional in my naming styles for boys)
    So, my question is: how do I deal with this? This is not a family name or anything, just a name he loves. Also, what are your honest opinions of this name, in case I have to submit and use it?
    Thank you for all your help!

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    Perhaps if you figured out what about the name he loves so much it would help you come up with alternatives. I.e., is it the length, the sound (could Wade work?), is someone in a band he likes named Dade, etc.

    Personally I don't care for it, but that is no matter. What's important is that you don't and neither parent should have to submit to a name they don't like. Compromise? Yes. Submit? No.
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    Thank you! He got it from a movie and he just likes how unique it is and thinks it will make his son stand out. My thought is: there's a reason not too many people have this name.... Haha

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    It's just too close to "Dad" for a baby. Wade or Dane would be better. I dislike Dade. Michael is classic and even though I'm not a fan, it is 1000x better than Dade.

    If he really won't change his mind, perhaps Dadrian nn Dade? Then he could go by Adrian or Rian as back-ups.

    Other similar names: Dodd, Tad, Tadd, Tadeo, Tate, Cade, Kade, Dace, Dale, Dane, Dave, Dawe/Dawson, Daye, and Wade. See if he likes any of these (if you do.)

    Hope this helps!

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    Dade is terrible. Cade, on the other hand, is bearable, and Dane is almost dashing.
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