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    New to the SSA List

    So I used this great website and found all the names that were in the Top 1000 for 2012, but not in the Top 1000 for 2011. So then I used this list and typed each name into the SSA site. A star means it's NEVER been on the list before. Otherwise, I wrote the year it last appeared in the Top 1000. Hope you all enjoy this list!

    Litzy 2008
    Colette 1986
    Paislee **New
    Adley **New
    Winter 1979
    Ariah 2010
    Coraline **New
    Charlize 2009
    Emory **New
    Estella 2010
    Elissa 2005
    Emmaline 1915
    Dallas 2000
    Azalea **New
    Everly **New
    Lillyana **New
    Emmalynn **New
    Evalyn 1941
    Annalee **New
    Raylee **New
    Aubrielle **New
    Bayleigh **New
    Katrina 2010 (absent for 2011 only!)
    Alaysia 2010
    Celine 2007
    Monroe **New
    Estelle 1963
    Harlee **New
    Jazzlyn **New
    Scarlette (the website says this wasn't in the top 1000 for 2011, but it actually was. Typo I guess)
    Zahra **New
    Collins **New
    Azariah 2010
    Milena **New
    Alisa 2010
    Kora **New
    Aubriana **New
    Aya **New
    Dalilah **New
    Devyn 2010
    Landry **New
    Sofie **New
    Jessa **New
    Katalina **New

    Neymar **New
    Brentley **New
    Kyree 2003
    Thiago **New
    Kyrie **New
    Jionni **New
    Yael 2010
    Oakley 1920
    Yousef 2010
    Juelz 2009
    Austyn 2006
    Axton **New
    Lucca **New
    Truman 2010
    Eliot 2010
    Zaid 2010
    Leroy 2010
    Sheldon 2010
    Dariel **New
    Kaysen **New
    Mack 2009
    Titan **New
    Ameer 2010
    Briggs **New
    Immanuel 2009
    Kase **New
    Maison **New
    Simeon 2008
    Anton 2009
    Emory 1974
    Graeme **New
    Jael **New
    Karsen **New
    Jarrett 2009
    Augustine 1986
    Kylen **New
    Foster 1961
    Denzel 2009
    Apollo **New
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    Sorry if I missed any or had any typos! It's my bedtime

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    Just wanted to bump this up!

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    This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for putting this list together! Really interesting.

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