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    How does Jobe Saxon sound?

    What are your thoughts on our baby boy name choice, Jobe Saxon.

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    I prefer the spelling Job, but I have mixed feelings about using it for a name. After all, the story of Job was quite bittersweet... Also, while I like Saxon, I would think of it paired with a more modern-feeling name. It's an ok name, just not one I would choose... but go with your heart...
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    I also prefer the spelling Job. It does look like the word job, but most people should know how to pronounce the name because of the story of Job, the expression "the patience of Job," etc. I think the spelling Jobe, while it is more phonetic, might actually complicate things (and it's not the original English spelling. I almost always prefer the older, more established spellings.)

    Make sure you're okay with the association with the Biblical Job, too. As tfzolghadr says, he's a bittersweet namesake.

    I'm fine with Saxon as the middle name. Personally, just for sound's sake, I might pair it with a longer vowel-beginning name (Alexander, Aurelius, Elias?)

    All that said, I'd be happy to meet a baby Job. Best wishes!
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    I like it.

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    I like it. Job is my favorite book of the Bible, and I've considered the name. Never thought of spelling it Jobe. Until I read the comments, I thought it might be pronounced Joe-bee. It does make it look a bit more like a name than a word though. I think either spelling works. The middle name is nms, but it flows fine.
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