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Thread: Bjorn

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    Njord is awesome! How do you pronounce Hjalte? I also like Eskil and Sejr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefuturemrsb View Post
    Njord is awesome! How do you pronounce Hjalte? I also like Eskil and Sejr.
    The H in Hjalte is silent and it's pronounced y-ea-l-TUH (if that is making any sense)
    I agree that Njord (Njörðr) is an epic name, and Njord, the Norse God of the sea, was also pretty rad (the father of Freyja and Freyr).
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    I know a Bjorn, and I thought his name was weird at first, but I wasn't very old when I met him. I see it as kind of normal now, although I've only ever met one. I think people will probably have a bit of a difficult time pronouncing it if they just see it in writing, but if you tell people how to say it you'll be fine. Everyone has to correct people on their names at least once in their lives. I have a relatively common name and people still pronounce it wrong! I personally think that for any name, if you like it, go with it, as long as its not something like Adolph......
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    Thanks guys. I have a soft spot for mythology so Njord is definitely on my list.

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